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Waterways Cares for your health!

Eco-friendly pool with care solutions are available from Waterways Africa to prevent red eyes and green hair.

The latest solution is the introduction of UV Purifier from Holland. The have a Phillips UV Lamp and are the most Popular UV system today in Europe.

Superb traditional salt water chlorinator are available from Australia. Different sizes for capacity of 60000L to 150000Ll ex stock.

A limited select of Prozonators , Ozonatator from USA are available ex stock. These may be used in conjuction with Salt water chlorinator to provide the ultimate healthy swimming water.

As always - Pool Safety
Pool safety is paramount and the following equipment is highly recommended and should be purchased by yourself

  • Safety Signs:  An assorted of American safety signs available ex-stock.
  • Life Saving Hook:  An aluminum hook specially designed to assist in retrieving persons having difficulties in the water. Supplied with a 3.0m aluminum handle
  • Lifebuoy:  Imported Lifebuoy
  • First Aid Box: Basic First Aid Box

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