Swimming Pool construction has been the backbone of the Company and between 1978 and 2010, over 300 Pools have been built. Highlights include three 25.0m Pools in Baringo, One 25.0m Pool in Nakuru, One 25.0m Pool in Machakos, two 25.0m Pools in Mombasa, four 25.0m Pools in Nairobi and countless other large Pools equipped with Waterways Africa Pool wise expertise.

With our expertise, we believe that we offer a quality product and which represents an excellent long-term return on investment.

Pool Design

Four popular Pool designs have been continuously developed over the past 30 years.

  • The traditional Pool design is the Skimmer Type Design known also as Six-inch Freeboard Design. The water level remains six inches below the top of the pool. This design is simple and the least expensive.

  • Over the years, we have developed our Lagoon Design: A 600.0mm wide top slopes 100.0mm into the Pool. The water level remains at 50.0mm below the top and the balance tank is required to allow the water overflow. Generally, outlets are fitted at the top and the inner sloping reflects a natural lagoon.

  • The increasingly popular Deck level Overflow Pool Design is the most effective functional design given the construction of an overflow channel covered with ABS channel grating and attached construction of a balance tank. The water level is to the top of the Pool and this Design offers a clean stretch effect.

  • The latest design developed is an Ornamental raised deck level. The inner complete Pool is raised 150.0mm above the surrounding level and the water overflows into an open external channel, which drains into the balance tank. From within the pool, you have an all around infinity view.

  • Other designs such as vanishing edges on sloping sites have been built over the years and we have the know-how and experience to effect any design.

  • Prefab Swimrite Pools: We now offer clients an economical and quick choice with readymade steel vinyl pools

  • Vanishing Edge: Vanishing Edge Swimming pools in Kenya

  • SPAs: USA Hotspring SPAs

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